The Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society’s mission statement includes three priorities:

1) to house, publicize and share local genealogical archives;

2) to house, publicize and share historical and educational resources covering area themes including but not limited to railroading, iron ore industry, Revolutionary War, Civil War

3) to preserve, publicize and display significant examples of local area architecture, period pieces, textiles and artwork. The Society’s overall purpose is to preserve and hand down Canaan (Falls Village), North Canaan and the surrounding area's history for use and appreciation of future generations.


The Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society, Inc. has regular Board meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 4:30 PM, at Geer Village in North Canaan. The public is welcome to attend the meetings.


The Annual Dinner & Meeting is held on the third Thursday in May at Geer Village. A brief business meeting consisting of the election of officers, a guest speaker, and a buffet dinner takes place at this meeting. It is open to the public.


The Historical Society owns the former Falls Village Railroad Depot, 44 Railroad Street, Falls Village. It houses the archival material and museum and is the Society's office.

The Historical Society also owns the South Canaan Meetinghouse, 12 Route 63, Falls Village. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is used for lectures, the annual Peddlers Flea Market, and available for use for weddings and memorial services.


The Historical Society maintains the Beebe Hill Schoolhouse on Beebe Hill Road in Falls Village. It is available for tours during the summer months on Saturday mornings.


The Historical Society works closely with North Canaan Town Historian Kathryn Boughton, who oversees North Canaan's historical documents and photographs at the former Catherine Roraback Law Offices, Main Street, North Canaan.


News and updated information can be found on the Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society's

Facebook page.


Officers & Board Members 2018-2019

President: Richard Heinz, 2020, 860-824-7730, Point of Rocks Rd., Falls Village, CT 06031 Email: dickcheinz@att.net

Vice President: Canaan: Brian Ohler, 2020, 860-307-1135, P.O. Box 861, Canaan
Email: mustprotect@gmail.com

Vice President: Judy Jacobs, 2020, 824-7893, 824-5861, P.O. Box 185, Falls Village djacobs18@comcast.net or jacobsgarage@att.net


Treasurer: Charles Lemmen, 2019. 824-2635, Apt. 104 Geer Village, 77 South Canaan Rd., Canaan Email: clemmen@ehbmail.com


Recording Secretary: Kay Blass, 2019, 860-824-7259, 127 Barnes Rd., Falls Village Email: kay.blass@gmail.com


Corresponding Secretary: Lillian Lovitt, 2019. 824-5630, 22 Lime Rock Station Rd., FV Email: lovettlillian@yahoo.com


Archivist: Mary Margaret (Midge) Cortesi, 2019. 860-482-3696, 267 University Drive, Torrington, CT 06790 Email: mmfrueh@optonline.net


Curators: 2019


Falls Village Depot: Mary Margaret (Midge) Cortesi, 60-482-3696, 267 University Drive, Torrington, CT 06790 Email: mmfrueh@optonline.net


South Canaan Meeting House: Cheryl Aeschliman, 824-5607, 283 Rte. 63, Falls Village Email: kaeschliman@sbcglobal.net


Beebe Hill Schoolhouse: Lillian Lovitt, 824-5630, 22 Lime Rock Station Rd., FV Email: lovettlillian@yahoo.com


Assistant Curator: Kay Blass, 824-7259, 127 Barnes Rd., Falls Village Email: kay.blass@gmail.com



Frank Hadsell, 2020, 824-5254, 63 Dublin Rd., Falls Village, CT 06031 Email: housy1971@yahoo.com

Pat Graf, 2020, 860-824-7134, 39 Pease St., Canaan, CT 06018 Email: pgraf39@comcast.net

Bunny McGuire, 2020, 860-824-5900, 21 Reed St., P.O. Box 95, Canaan, 06018 Email: missbunny@snet.net

Larry Bulson, 2020, 824-8151, 157 Music Mt. Rd., Falls Village Email: larry@bulson.com

Sally Greco, 2020, 860-824-0655, P.O. Box 278, Canaan, 06018 Email: sgreco@snet.net

Mary Lu Sinclair. 2020, 824-7454, 201 Undermountain Rd., Falls Village, Email: WML61@comcast.net

William Beebe, 2019. 824-7378, P.O. Box 31, Falls Village Email: jbeebe03@comcast.net or beebe@kelloggschool.org

John Marshall, 2019, 824-0402, P.O. Box 1210, Canaan, CT 06018 Email: marshal_j@yahoo.com

Ruth Adotte, 2019, 860-824-1402, P.O. Box 247, E. Canaan, CT 06024 Email: rpadotte@snet.net

Jeremy Dakin 2019. 824-7200, 16 Sugar Hill Rd. Email: jeremydakin@att.net

Standing Committee Chairmen

1 year term: all expire 2019

Program Committee: (annual dinner) Cheryl (Chair), Lillian, Judy

Public Relations Committee: Judy, Mary Lu, Midge

Editorial Committee: Judy, Kay, Dick

Membership Committee: Midge, Mary Lu, Bunny, Sally, Pat

Building & Grounds Committee: Bill, Larry, Terry, Dick

Grant Writer: Kay, Judy

Appointed Committees:

Museum Committee: Judy, Midge, Sally, Cheryl, Lillian, Kay, Dick, Mary Lu

Tuesday at 7: Cheryl, Judy, Jeremy, Sally, Ruth

Peddlers Flea Market: Judy, Chuck, Jeremy, Lillian, Kay, Cheryl, Chuck, Bunny, Pat, Midge, Dick

Food/Refreshments: Bunny, Pat

Technology: Dick, Paul

Runners: Sally, Lillian, Kay, Bunny, Midge

Cleaning: Midge, Sally, Bunny, Cheryl, Judy, Bill, Pat

Bookkeeper: Linda Paviol 860-824-7808 Email: lpaviol@comcast.net 

Web Designer: Deb Segalla: dasegalla@msn.com

Beebe Hill Schoolhouse
Beebe Hill Schoolhouse
Ghost Train at the Depot Photo by Dave Jacobs  4-27-16
Ghost Train at the Depot Photo by Dave Jacobs 4-27-16
Pinsky side view of Meetinghouse
Pinsky side view of Meetinghouse
Catherine Roraback building
Catherine Roraback building
Beebe Hill interior
Beebe Hill interior
Meetinghouse 2016
Meetinghouse 2016

The Society also owns the New Haven caboose that is a landmark in the downtown area of Falls Village.